Spofforth (selected problems)

Spofforth has always been something of an outlier. The rock is a very pebbly grit and it is just outside of the main grit area, in a pastoral setting near to Harrogate. Before the proliferation of bouldering mats some of the problems felt high – indeed many still feel like routes – plus the sandy nature of some finishes felt off-putting. Nowadays the flat landings, greater traffic, the unnecessary upper finishes and overall pleasant nature of the place make a reassessment worthwhile, at least for the better bits.



6 thoughts on “Spofforth (selected problems)

  1. Hello All. Love the site and really appreciate all the work. Hoping to try out Thruscross in the not too distant future. I have one cheeky request though. Are you able to do something for Eavestone Boulder field?


      1. Fortunately John Hunt had one he prepared for, but wasn’t included in, YG1. So I’ve put it up on the site now. Enjoy and let us know if there are any errors! Paul C


  2. Hey thanks so much for this! Went to scope this out the other day and was put off by the very private-land feeling access. Any idea on the land owners feelings on bouldering use or any access restrictions on their part?

    Thanks so much


    1. Hi there. There is generally access to Spofforth but there have been occasions where the farmer has asked people to leave. I think it depends what mood you catch him in. Best bet is to take access responsibly (careful with parking etc) and to leave and be polite if challenged.


  3. Hey thanks for this! Went to scope it out the other day and was put off by the very private-land feeing access. Any idea on the landowners feelings on bouldering / access restrictions? Thanks again!


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