Disused Quarry (featuring Fan Crack) newly updated

https://unknownstones.com/white-crag-low-boulders/ The disused quarry just up the path from White Crag has been updated. ‘Fan Crack Sit’ and the newly discovered ‘Jack’s War’ are both class. There might be some potential for some harder stuff on the impending walls of Fan Crack…

Carncliff Top South

A series of buttresses scattered along the southern slopes of Carncliff Top. Check out Sartree Crag as a place to take kids or the clinically afraid, and the rest for those who want to go deeper into the bilberries than ever before! Carncliff Top South

Guisecliff Update

Since March when we shared Steven Phelps’ great new topo for the Guisecliff woods there has been a fair bit of activity. Steven has updated the guide to include a lot of very good new problems. There are now around 170 hereabouts – plus they are close to the already well-documented ones at Nought Bank … More Guisecliff Update