Satellite Boulder and Flagon Crag

The Satellite Boulder v.01  

The Satellite Boulder is aptly named – it may as well have dropped from space after being launched into orbit from Switzerland. It is a gobsmackingly impressive piece of stone that has yielded some instant classics at a spread of grades, though most climbs are at the harder end of the spectrum.

First probed by Matt Wilcox and Simon Marson, the boulder was further developed by Tom Peckitt and Andrew Emery, who brought it to public attention. Their excellent topo guide is reproduced here with Tom’s kind permission.

Also hereabouts are Flagon Crag (the work of Bruce Woodley and friends) and the Triangulation Boulder (by Liam Hutchinson). These are developing areas (up and right). Other problems have been done (see UKC) but these are proving difficult to locate atm.

Flagon Crag

Triangulation Boulder

The woodland location means that these locations suffer from re-growth of moss so make sure you bring a brush and a rope.


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