Naze Nib End

Free standing boulders on a spur off the Beamsley Massif.  Expect rough rock.  Two decent boulders and two minor ones.

PLEASE APPROACH USING FOOTPATHS OR VIA THE ACCESS LAND TO THE SOUTH (the Beamsley Beacon / Old Pike to Round Hill ridge). The boulders are all on Access Land.

The walk in from the A59 is a bit of an adventure (please don’t use this) but the rocks could be worked into a longer hike from the Beamsley Beacon parking or other starts.

At sunset, you might experience the Led Zepplin line, “There’s a feeling I get when I look to the West.”

The first version was done in 2015; this 2019 version brings it right up to date.


4 thoughts on “Naze Nib End

  1. 30th Jan 2021 – challenged by landowner who said land was private and told to leave. I claimed it was Access Land but he said it wasn’t. He also cited worry about liability. Not sure on best way to proceed in future. I have his contact number and name if required. Also, best access is probably via footpath from A59 to footbridge over the stream, then join the access land and walk up the hill keeping to the left of the plantation and drystone wall. Current access notes suggest comando’ing it down from the A59 rather than using footpath, which may not help with the landowner liaison!


    1. Thanks for this Ben. The Naze Nib End page has been updated to recommend approaching via footpaths or Access Land only. The boulders are definitely on Access Land.

      Hope you enjoyed them.



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