Alongside the Nought Bank Boulders (documented in YG1) and spread though the woods below Guisecliff are a mass of blocks. Some problems have been long-known to hold quality problems such as A Little Sparkle 7a, Afromoss 7a+ and the Mop Top problems. Over the years a number of the great and good have beavered away and a high number of problems have resulted. These have sometimes been tricky to find but, having been documented by Steven Phelps in this mini-guide,’ this should now be mostly resolved. Steven has been busy cleaning old problems and exploring new ones, many of which look inviting. There has been a massive piece of research aiming to uncover the history of the area though sources that once existed are now hard or even impossible to find.

Since the publication of his first script in March there has been quite a bit of activity. There have been many repeats and Steven has continued to unearth (sometimes literally) good problems. Tom Peckitt, Paul Clarke and others have added more problems and there are now some 170 to have a go at.

The woodland location means they are sheltered but a dry spell is advised for a visit and it is a good idea to carry a soft brush. The grade spread is wide – from easy to 7c+

Guisecliff June 2019