The Brimham Project

Pete Jackson’s Idea to produce a comprehensive bouldering guide to this fine location. The area files will hopefully mean it is possible to download and keep on a phone or print meaning problems will be easier to locate than if they were buried in a large document. Please let us know if you spot any errors or just have comments to make on any of the problems.

Here is a temporary home for the ongoing files. Numbers refer to map on the first file – 0 Brimham Bouldering Intro:

0 Brimham Bouldering Intro

1 Car Park Boulders Brimham

2 Cubic Area Brimham

3 Brimham South Area ( updated March 2022) see below

4 The Central Area ( updated April 2022) see below.

5 Beyond the Cafe Kiosk ( updated March 2022) see below

6 Keeper Crack Area

7 Brimham East and the Outback (updated May 2022) see below

8 Low Roof and Hare Heads

9 Little Brimham

10 Brimham Graffa Plain

11 Bat Buttress

12 Plantation Crack Area June 2020

13 Crow Crag

The files are now all complete, however, whilst producing them we have recognised that grades at Brimham are ‘all over the place’. We’d welcome any amendment suggestions.