The Brimham Project

Pete Jackson’s Idea to produce a comprehensive bouldering guide to this fine location. The area files will hopefully mean it is possible to download and keep on a phone or print meaning problems will be easier to locate than if they were buried in a large document. Please let us know if you spot any errors or just have comments to make on any of the problems.

Here is a temporary home for the ongoing files being prepared. Numbers refer to map on 0 Brimham Bouldering Intro:

0 Brimham Bouldering Intro

1 Car Park Boulders Brimham

2 Cubic Area Brimham

3 Brimham South Area

4 The Central Area

5 Brimham Beyond the Cafe Kiosk

6 Keeper Crack Area_6

7 Brimham Main East and The Outback

8a Low Roof-Hare Heads

8b Hare Heads – Crimpy Roof

9 Little Brimham

10 Brimham Graffa Plain

13 Crow Crag

Files are currently being prepared to the last two areas – 11 Bat Buttress and 12 Plantation Crack (a lot of previously unrecorded problems here).