St Ives

St Ives v.01

St Ives Amphitheatre v.02

The first guide documents most of the rock on the St Ives estate, with the Amphitheatre Buttress guide adding in an extra buttress easily accessed from the kids’ play park.

An incredibly exciting development, courtesy of Russell Bowman who has put together this very neat guide to the bouldering on St Ives. An extensive bouldering circuit at a spread of grades, right in the heart of Airedale! Huge thanks to Russell and friends for developing and recording this veritable Bingleybleau. Most buttresses benefit from a couple of dry days in winter.

One thought on “St Ives

  1. The moss is back with a vengeance at the Ampitheatre Buttress. Make sure you take a brush and also watch out for broken glass at the bottom.


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