Lanshaw Rocks (Grub Stones)

Lanshaw Rocks (Grub Stones)

A circuit of mostly easier problems on clean rock with good landings.  Set on a lovely spot high on the beautiful Ilkley Moor.  There are numerous possible approaches and the crag combines well with a walk on the Moor.

IMG_3753 IMG_3772

      The carved “Devil”.                                                    The approach from Burley Woodhead.

2 thoughts on “Lanshaw Rocks (Grub Stones)

  1. This group of stones were subjected to an unauthorised dig in the early part of the last century. The dig was closed down by angry local residents who had already lost a large rock with cup and ring markings to cliff castle in Keighley. It is thought to be the resting place of a tribal elder dating back around 2000 years. Amongst carvings are runic symbols pre dating any written language.


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