Halton Heights

Thanks to Malcolm Townsley who has pulled together details of the natural edges and blocks around Halton Heights to combine them into a single guide

Halton Heights Natural Edges Dec 2020

Also included here are the two quarries again courtesy of Malcolm Townsley. Interesting, varied and some quite highball. For other details see p.216 in the 2014 YMC guide.

halton heights lower quarry

Halton Upper Quarry

It is known that these boulders and crags were poured over by local activists many years ago – on local lad even used them as a leg-up to get quite good. Ron someone?


2 thoughts on “Halton Heights

  1. Just re climbed a problem at Halton I did about 12 years ago! It the left wall in the far left bay in the quarry (left of number 10 on the topo) …it was as thin and trick as I remember prob 7b+


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