In the late ’90s, Tony Barley and Nigel Baker released the original “Wild Bouldering in Yorkshire”. This small guidebook was the culmination of years of development and discovery played out on the high upland grit crags of North Yorkshire, documenting hundreds of previously unclimbed routes and boulder problems on extensive crags.

The frontispiece of the guide set the scene. Access was generally not granted and a low profile was often needed by visitors. Come the turn of the century all this began to change. With the introduction of the CRoW Act of 2000 the moors started to turn from white to browny-white – on the OS Map that is! What was formerly known as Wild Bouldering was now a fully legal activity, and its transition to the mainstream was cemented when the original Wild Boulders were included in the new YMC grit guides, released in the early 2010s.

These guides brought with them a new wave of development and the realisation by many that Yorkshire had not yet been worked out, not by a long shot, and there was still quality to be found in droves by those willing to seek it out. This website documents the ongoing exploration, and provides downloadable guides to these hitherto…

Unknown Stones

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  1. I still have a copy of Wild bouldering! Re- aquinting myself with some esoteric venues – visited Low Huller last night – had a great little session. Thankyou for putting your time into this – it is appreicited by the small band of us who like to get away from established places from time to time.

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      1. Hello,

        It’s more of a chat that a single question. And I’m not very comfortable with (online) public spaces!

        Do you run Unknown Stones?

        I want to get my (27 yr old) son a crash pad (or two). This would be his first one. Been bouldering (and a little climbing) for couple of years, lately mostly indoors. We went to Brimham and few other spots recently.

        So many pads/mats on the market, hard to make right decision – want him to get a lifetime’s use and fulfilment……….

        Are there any sources of good quality second hand ones, that you know of? Then I could perhaps manage two.

        Either way, any recommendations about best brands, types, etc?

        Do you know of any climbing or bouldering group near me (Huddersfield)?

        I’m researching online, asking at his climbing gym, but it’s still a difficult process.

        Your help and time would be much appreciated. I can give you my phone number if that would be easier/you’re willing to call.

        Thanks very much. Kind regards,


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