A great area not far from Settle. There are a variety of boulders and crags with numerous problems though mostly in the lower grades. Well worth a visit. The boulders are on private land so no dogs please! Also park sensibly.




3 thoughts on “Birchshow

  1. Thanks for this great guide. Had an amazing day out at Birchshow on Saturday. Even got a thumbs up from the local farmer and his son who didn’t seem to mind me being there (although I was on my own). Noticed there are quite a lot of other potential boulders in the fields around there (particularly in the field immediately to the east of Crag in the Woods) and even on the backside of the Crag in the Woods. Does anybody know if these are accessible?


    1. Nice one, Andrew. If you go on Bing Maps you can browse the OS map for the boulders you’re interested in and see if they’re on Open Access Land as designated under the CRoW Act. If so and you can get there without climbing over walls/locked gates etc then you should be good to go. If not but the farmers seems friendly then maybe ask or try and take access and leave politely if challenged?


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