1. Where should I start?!

To the uninitiated, the range of previously undocumented crags presented here may be bewildering at first. To help point you in the right direction, there is a table summarising each crag’s vital statistics and a map showing their locations. To access these resources, click on “Find A Crag” on the main menu bar.

2. How should I use these guides?

Each guide with the Unknown Stones footer is designed with a page size of A5. If printing  a guide at home on an A4 printer, simply opt to print two pages per A4 landscape sheet. Older/other files are A4.

3. I want to report a new problem/crag.

If you’ve done a new route or problem on one of the featured crags, please do let us know so that we can update the guide. Please send all relevant information and any photographs we can use to unknownstones@gmail.com. If you are considering writing a guide for a previously undocumented venue, please get in touch!

3 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hi Will and Friends, great site, looking forward exploring the more esoteric Yorkshire scrittle forthwith. Any possibility of dropping pins on a map like? Cheers, Si…


    1. Hi Si, thanks!
      If you click on the Crag Summary page there is a Google map there with each of the crags marked. Is that what you’re after?


  2. Thank you for saving us on a financially challenged Easter holiday. We have really enjoyed the walks in (well most of them) and the challenge of climbing on proper grit. Yeadon Crag is stunning. A&R


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