Thieves Moss

This update from Kim Buck who has been haunting the place as part of his recovery plan!

Some new variations near  12 in the Font 6b to 6c+range.

By far the best though, is the extension to the traverse. Follow Parcel of Rouges to the move up to the jugs at the end, from there cross under into the crimpy pockets and follow the line across both niches to finish up the ‘jugs of glory’ of the Lockup/Dick Turpin. I’m calling it Honour Among Thieves. Started from problem 11 it’s about Font 6c or 6c+; linked from the sitter to 1 and following Parcel of Rouges into it and thus traversing the whole crag, pushes it into the low Font 7’s It’s an absolute Yorkshire classic though – the new sequence is quite subtle and not obvious to find, but once dialled it’s every bit as good as the rose move on the pockets at the crux of Parcel – awesome!



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