Fuerteventura – Penitas

Occasionally people go on holiday and find some great bouldering overseas. We’ve just added a topo produced by James Turnbull to an extensive area on the Canarian island of Fuerteventura (in the Europe Area on this site). The information has been gleaned from Greg Chapman’s very good topo for the Ravine and Valley areas and local activist Josafat Espino Lopez who developed many of the problems and shared information with James and Dave during a recent visit. (Check out Josafat’s pages on Youtube for many of the problems)

Looks great and here’s a link to a short video illustrating the quality of the rock and problems:

4 thoughts on “Fuerteventura – Penitas

    1. HI Kai
      Yep. Have checked with James and Dave Turnbull and they say no problem. Assume its also ok with the local climber they got the info from as he was happy to share with them. Thinking of going? Does sound very good!


      1. Great. Thanks very much. Actually yesterday I had an holiday option to visit Fuerte, but we decided to head for Mallorca. The flight is shorter and the accommodation a little bit cheaper. But I will remember the crag and next time my wife proposes a beach holiday on Fuerte there is a plus.


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