The Brimham Project

We’ve added the final files to the Brimham Project Page at Unknownstones today. They hopefully document all of the current problems at Brimham and the surrounding crags. If we’ve missed anything then please let us know.

Whilst producing the files we have recognised the sometimes great discrepancies in the grades of problems at Brimham and have made a small step towards rectifying this. One cause is possibly the nature of the rock at Brimham. It is often soft and changes significantly with use (or lack of use). However, there is still much to be done and we’d  be happy to receive any suggestions for amendments.

Pete Jackson’s original idea was due to the fact that many good older problems were being ignored. There are indeed some very good problems that don’t appear on the ‘circuit’. Again we hope that the guides recognise this.


8 thoughts on “The Brimham Project

  1. We went to the plantation crack area at Brimham on Sunday and added a couple of new problems.

    Little Jem 7a – climb straight 25 without any blocks at the start. A bit eliminate but good (FA Marco)

    Crack Addict 7a – start on the ledge under straight 25 and climb the crack into good holds on straight 25. It’s a bit dynamic if you’re a shortie. (FA Martin done straight afterwards by Marco)


    1. Hi Martin
      Thanks for the additions. It seems Straight 25 without the blocks at the start is how James Turnbull did it. I’ve checked his original description and that fits. Also, I know Mike Gray had thrown himself at the crack – but that’s yours! Nice one. Will update the script.


      1. Hi just seen this, I took it as a compression problem between the crack and sloppers without the foot ledge, instead of a lip trav. Eliminate but cool.
        Also and more recently (yesterday) clean up two at crow, couldn’t get them climbed due to damp holds (under the veggitation), hope to go back back to get them done when dry.. got pics, be good to know if it’ll be a revival of the old, or new??


      2. Hi Marco
        Let us know when you get the Crow problems done and We’ll add them to the script.
        Have you done One in Ten at Crow? I thought it was good and would welcome comments. Not desperate but cool rock.


  2. Yeah when then weather clears up
    I’m keen to get them climbed. And yes have vids and pics of the recent crooky ones, how do I get them to you?
    Where the one in ten bloc? Is pictured on the topos?


  3. Yeah got vids and pics of both at crooky and maybe the third if I ever do it!! 🙂 how do I get you those? Email? WhatsApp?

    Yeah fingers crossed this weather clears and I can go in the week to finish those at crow… and maybe check out ‘one in ten”. Is it listed and photographed so I can find it?

    Let me know how to get you info



    1. Sorry to take a while (been a bit under the weather). It might be best to email me at
      Alternatively I can set up a Google Drive Folder if you prefer?
      If you could include problem details and location that would be great – sorry we dont do vids yet.
      A picture of each problem and an action shot would be great.
      Cheers Paul


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