Nab End, White Crag

White Crag, Rombold’s Moor

Another addition to our stable of mini-guides to White Crag – there are now four at this convenient crag for the Wharfedale / Airedale population.

This guide also includes details of the disused quarries just beyond.

2 thoughts on “Nab End, White Crag

  1. Today, bouldering at The Bishop area of White Crag, we were asked to leave by the gamekeeper who said we were trespassing on private land. We had an amicable chat with him saying we had bouldered there on a number of times over the last 20 years with no complaints, following as always all the access advice in the grit guide and Uknown Stones. He was grateful for the info but was adamant we had to leave.


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