New Highballs at Panorama Woods, Ilkley

Dan MG has been doing some cleaning at Panorama Rocks in Ilkley and has discovered some mint looking highball lines.

Dan MG on It Sounded Better In French 6b.

It Sounded Better In French   6B

Reach out across the short roof and jump to a good hold above the lip. One stiff pull out right leads to steadier ground.  Just right of the higher tier problems in the topo.

The line of It Sounded Better In French 6b.

There is another very good looking problem in the 7A+ ballpark called A Hundred Eyes. However, this problem is on private land and the right to climb here has not been negotiated. The low start to this is also a project. 

Dan’s finial offering is the Robin Roof Project.

The Robin Roof Project.

Dan reports, “The initial roof section has been done following the right arête, but the move to the nose and all that follows are a big question mark above a landing that drops away, requiring quite a few pads and a spotter. Bigger than it looks in the picture (the roof is above head height from the floor).”

The first two problems feature at the end of Dan’s video:

The original topo can be found at Panorama Rocks, Ilkley


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