Twin Towers

Check out Twin Towers, Masham Area – couple of great highballs and a very nice warm-up circuit. Thanks to Ben Finley for the mini-guide  

Halton Heights

Fancy a few quarry highballs and some problems on natural grit thrown in? Check out Halton Heights where Malcolm Townsley has been busy.  Close to the road so carrying a few mats shouldn’t be too problematical.


Some really obscure stuff between Cullingworth, Harden and Wilsden. Following a tip off about a hidden crag from Steve Wilson and Jay Russell, these problems were found and climbed on a winter evening just before it fell dark.  The main quarry is further left; it is best approached via a walled track off the road. Harecroft

White Crag Right

White Crag, Rombold’s Moor A single boulder of the roughest, silver, grit. It lies well right of the main groups at White Crag and just right of the recent amateur quarrying efforts.  It must be assumed that it has been climbed on before but the roughness implies that it has seen little action. Keep a … More White Crag Right