West Chevin

There has been a lot of activity at West Chevin in the last week or so so an update has been provided. The area has gradually gained a number of devotees and provides sheltered problems on some very good rock that cleans up quickly. West Chevin 2020

Rowantree Update

Couple of grade changes and a good wee addition from Will Hunt. Over the years since its redevelopment Rowantree has been found to be a very good venue for those operating in the Font2 to 7a grades. As such it is a good choice for mixed teams. Rowantree New

Brimham Central

A fun offwidth has been done by Tom Shillito on the Castle (Central Area). A Leg and a Wing 6c (provisional grade). Maybe a good one to get the full body into gear after the Xmas XS?

Great Wolfrey 2020

To kick off 2020 (hopefully it will have stopped raining by then) here’s an updated guide that we think includes all of the bouldering at this truly ace crag. Since the YG1 Guide there has been lots of development and a growing tendency to highball the remaining lines and some of the old routes. Be … More Great Wolfrey 2020

Ease Gill

That lovely young lad Sam Lawson has put together a fab guide to Ease Gill. You’ll find it in the Wild West section. Not in the best nick now, but come summer the climbers may outnumber the midges!